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Action Points Tool Download

The Meeting Action Points Tool is available to download and customise

Date Published: 28 January 2014

The Action Points Tool created by the New IDEAS project is a  simple but effective tool for addressing action points in meetings.

The tool enables participants in a meeting to go over action points from the last meeting and mark their individual progress against each point.

The tool makes marking progress in a meeting more engaging by providing a  large table of action points with space next to each one for each participant to stick a coloured sticker that they believe best represents the actions they have takene.  The stickers are designed to be humorous and non-confrontational, for example, one of the stickers said ‘Oops, I forgot’, whilst another said ‘It’s done!’

Download the Action Point Tool PDF below, which is customisable in Adobe Acrobat.

In addition to this, download the accompanying stickers, which we recommend you print onto 45mm diameter circular stickers from AA Labels.


Action Points Tool

Customisable Tool

Download PDF [0.5MB]

Download PDF (523 KB)

Stickers for Action Points Tool

Download PDF [0.4MB]

Download PDF (422 KB)

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