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‘Beyond the Castle’ Co-Design Challenge Interim Report

Date Published: 13 December 2012

This interim report documents the initial stages of the ‘Beyond the Castle’ project. This tracks its transition from the ‘City Park’ project that is part of Square Routes into a co-design project led by ImaginationLancaster as part of the PROUD EU INTERREG funded project.

In this interim report PROUD document a series of public and initiation only events that have engaged over 500 people. We have achieved this by developing a range of innovative and creative
co-design processes and approaches which are detailed within, along with some key findings so far.

This interim report will be superseded by a full project report to be delivered on 1st February 2013. This will include a detailed analysis of the final outcomes of this co-design process. In particular it will document the over 120 detailed design proposals (pictured above) by participants in the co-design exhibition’ PICTURE THIS’ that marked the end PROUD contribution to ‘Beyond the Castle’.

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