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Caravan From the Future @ Media City UK 10th-13th May

Date Published: 01 June 2023

As part of a series of research on the road event from the UKRI funded Future Mundane project we took the latest experience to Media City from the 9th to the 13th of May. We were hosted by the University of Salford who kindly allowed us to park up in their foyer and offer an experiential AI and data future to anyone interested in and around media city. Given the nature of the experience is to improve understanding of AI through greater legibility around what it is doing and why this was particularly timely given the current media furore around AI. Thus we both gathered valuable research data for our project but also helped to broaden the understanding of AI amongst our participants.

We also hosted a set of talks on the evening of the 10th with speakers from BBC R&D (Katie Bird and Ian Forrester) who are our partners on the project along with the University of Nottingham (Neelima Sailaja, Alan Chamberlain, and Andy Crabtree to highlight the need for the research and the value of this innovative approach.

In the coming weeks we be visiting more events around the UK so if your around one of venues come experience the future!

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