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Co-Design Facemooc – A five week online course in co-design

Date Published: 29 April 2015

Over the course of 5 weeks the PROUD team at ImaginationLancaster delivered ‘Co-Design Facemooc’, (or just Facemooc) an innovative, intensive, online course in codesign, operating in a closed Facebook group. As far as we are aware Facemooc is the first course of its kind to utilise Facemooc in this way to set up a community of practice. This report will outline the course framework, describing the journey we designed to enable the Facemooc community to explore the topic of co-design. In the report we share and demonstrate:

  • An overview of the course delivery spanning 5 weeks between 3rd November to 5th December 2014.
  • Key learning and discussions co-produced by the Facemooc community around definitions of co-design for people new to this developing field.
  • Insights into what did and did not work well, for both facilitators and group members, including how we made the most of Facebook’s connectivity and interactivity and addressed the challenges this ever-changing platform presented for organising and delivering a course.
  • Make recommendations for the benefit of anyone looking to take a similar approach to online learning and co-production appropriating Facebook or another freely available social media platform.

The future of Facemooc
The Facebook group continues as an active network of co-designers. We have given administrative access to the group members on Facebook to enable them to invite new practitioners into the community. To join the group search for ‘Co-Design Facemooc’ on Facebook and send a request to join.

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