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Co-Design Master class

Date Published: 18 April 2013

On 19th March 2013 we joined our excellent partners in Capital D in Eindhoven to run a master class on co-design. This was aimed at design participants thet were new to co-design. We had a fantastic mix of young products designers, service designers as well as entrepreneurs and business leaders. In this session we explored 8 fundamental factors that designers need to think about and in some cases be challenged by, these are:

– Agree how the success of the project will be recognised

– Move in, out and beyond your normal design practice

– Involve and respect lots of people in ideas generation

– Use the expertise of all participants in the process

– Let everyone be creative in their own way

– Explore and challenge assumptions

– Expect to go beyond the average

– Consider the time and Tempo of the project

– Bring the process to the best possible conclusion with the

best possible design outcome

We did this through 8 interactive tools each one reflecting a fundamental issue.

Throughout the morning of this workshop we were delighted by the engagement, the level of debate and the playful approach of the participants.

The results of this master class are documented in the report attached.


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