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Design Days – What is Co-Design Anyway

A workshop for the European Union sponsored Design Days event

Date Published: 15 October 2014

The EU Design Days event lead by the ERRIN is growing in impact and significance across Europe and on a wider international scale. The two-day event held in the Microsoft Innovation Center in Brussels on 24th to the 26th September included excellent presentations this time from the Swedish Design Research Journal, Cape Town World Design Capital and South Denmark University. It’s within this context that the PROUD project presented its draft final conclusions and Imagination, as part of the PROUD project, led a workshop exploring the fundamentals of co-design.

We presented the results of a 3 year research component of the PROUD project developing the fundamental principles of co-design. With an expert audience of designers, we explored these fundamental issues through a range of interactive design challenges and participant-led presentations. The results provided a very rich, expert and in-depth exploration of the fundamental issues (described in detail in this open access, peer-reviewed journal paper [SVID PAPER]. The results of this ongoing process will feed into future research publications as well as informing discussions in the upcoming PROUD proms in Eindhoven in Monday 20th October, part of the wonderful Dutch Design Week.

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