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Disruption, LICA Degree Show

Date Published: 29 June 2023

In June 2023 LICA held its annual Degree Show, this year titled “Disruption”. This was the first year that all five subjects took part – Fine Art, Design, Film, Theatre and Architecture. Below are some images from the Design portion of the exhibition.

“…the design degree show, it has been so much fun! I have loved curating the design space, working alongside Adrian Gradinar and some of my friends from the course. We also had the opportunity to use our branding and graphic design skills to create printing material for the LICA Festival as a whole. Overall, it was great experience to work with others to create a successful exhibition!” – Niamh Cartwright, Design student

‘Disruption’ closed on 28th June, but you can still view the students work online at http://disruption2023.art/ or on Instagram @disruptionatlica

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