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Dr Adrian Gradinar

Lecturer in Smart Home Futures

Experiential Futures, Experience Design, Interaction Design, Research through Design, Speculative Design, Desing Fiction, Internet of Things


  • Design Fiction
  • Design Futures
  • Digital Interactions
  • Speculative Design

Adrian is a Lecturer in Smart Home Futures and a strong believer that today we live in a mixed-reality space, found at the crossing of the digital world we experience daily and the physicality and materiality of the lives we actually have (and hopefully like). Based on these beliefs, his main research interests are focused on the design, interaction and overall experience of mixed-reality objects and spaces. In doing so, he mostly employs a speculative practice-based approach to this research, exploring ideas around interactivity, personalisation, artificial intelligence, data privacy, immersion, more-than-human design approaches and better design of Internet of Things objects. This, so far, has generated several public exhibits in venues such as The Tate Modern, The V&A London, FACT Liverpool, The Building Research Establishment in Watford, UK and PlayUK in Skopje, Macedonia.

Adrian is collaborating with colleague Dr Michael Stead and partners BBC Research & Development as Principal Investigator on the EPSRC PETRAS funded research project Edge of Tomorrow.

Adrian’s full list of publications can be viewed here.

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