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Funding Accelerator – Fifth Bid Writing Workshop

Date Published: 31 May 2018

On the 30th May we had our fifth bid writing workshop here at the Imagination Lab. This was planned as a full day workshop in order to allow those currently writing bids to have some time to research and write without distractions.

We gathered at ten in the morning and, after introductions, we had brief presentations from each of the bid writers which included their current level of progress, where they were looking for help, and who they would be approaching for funding. It was great to see a high level of progress, dedication, and support from the writers and the other attendees in the room.

After a delicious lunch the bid writers were encouraged to discuss their ideas with other attendees in order to gather more resources and ideas for their projects. Many took the distraction-free opportunity to sit down and concentrate on writing their proposals, or at least drafting them, and everyone managed to get some time with our evaluation expert Madeline Smith.

It was great to see the expansion of ideas and also the development of at least two new projects during the few hours we had together.

We wrapped up the day with a report from each of the bid writers on their progress, what their next steps were going to be, and how they were going to best utilise their time on the bid writing retreat being organised for early July.

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