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Future Mundane @ Bath Digital Festival 10th-14th July 2023

Travels with the Future Mundane

Date Published: 18 July 2023

As part of this years research road trip with the Future Mundane the team attended the Bath Digital Festival from the 10th-14th of July. We were kindly hosted by Newark Works creative Hub near centre of Bath. We not only provided festval goers and AI and Data driven experience we also did the first outing of the Adaptive Podcast devloped with our project partners at BBC R&D and the University of Nottingham. As part of the event we conducted a large number of interviews with particpants to develop and understanding of the wide range of understanding and perspectives around AI and Data which will form the basis of future publications. As our next trip to the Bluedot Festival at Joderell Bank is only a few days away we are currently getting caravan ready for its next outing.


Caravan at Bath

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