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Future Mundane research in the mud at Bluedot Festival 2023

Date Published: 27 July 2023

As part of our ongoing activties to engage as wide a range of stakeholders as possible in our research the team attended this years Bluedot Festival at Jodrell Banf Observatory in Cheshire 21-24 July 2023. Whilst out original plan was to present the Future Mundane AI and Data experience in what we hoped would be a sunny field the weather gods had a very different plan. It pretty much rained all most of time and the field got deeper and deeper in mud. We were able to switch the caravan into a tent that allowed us to get people in and out the caravan without caking everthing in mud and remained busy throughout the weekend. However, come monday we we surrounded by a field of mud and we had no way of extracting the caravan until Big Tom turned up with a tractor and dragged us to solid ground. The gallery below gives a feel for the weekend

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