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IDEAS for Impact First Tweetup

3…2…1 Blastoff! IDEAS for Impact Tweet up launches for the first time

Date Published: 10 July 2014

Wednesday saw the first physical meeting of the Ideas for Impact twitter followers (with a few non-tweeters we affectionately agreed could be ’email dodos’). The tweetup brought together people from across the university to chat, share experiences of engagement and outward facing research.

The thing that connected the people at the event was that they had all received one of the IDEAS for Impact tools from our dedicated micro-site. This allows anyone in Lancaster University to specify and order a range of tools, we then create the tools with appropriate logos and so on and deliver the tools. For anyone unfortunate enough to not be in Lancaster University there is also a free to download tool as a present from us. This editable PDF is one of our most well used and effective tools.

We also used the tweetup meeting to launch a small pilot test of a new case study generating tool. This combines a physical highly tactile tool with and form to construct the ‘perfect’ case study. Once this has undergone  initial field trials this is likely to be the next tool we add to our IDEAS website as a resource.

Taking the theme of launching a little further, we also produced a new give-away specifically for the attendees of the first tweetup. Following on from the widely distributed pterodactyl, we created a pop-out space ship posing the question ‘How can your research change the world?’ and directed people to our Twitter feed @ideas_team, which is a way to keep up to date on the activities of the project and to receive Twitter only tools and resources.

Finally, if you would like one of the limited edition imperial purple space ships….sorry you should have been at the event! We may have some Lancaster red space ships available in the future though, so come to one of our events and there is a good chance you can get one of these.

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