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Children’s champions workshop – Exploring Leapfrog tools

Date Published: 26 July 2018

Rosendy Galabo and Gemma Coupe delivered an improvement workshop to Children’s champions (ICC) from different teams across Lancashire held on 26thJuly at ImaginationLab.

The objective of the workshop was to explore the facilitation of activities using five tools (Storyboard contract, Snapshot & Story and Flow Customer Tools), and come up with ideas to change these tools to support the Young People and Children engagement practices.

In this half-day workshop, the Children’s champions came up with a set of proposals for improving Leapfrog tools in three different ways, and discussed on how useful were the improvement suggestions.

Leapfrog would like to thank everyone who attended and helped to set up the workshop. It was a great morning that promoted lots of thinking and ideas. We will post any further developments and updates  on the progress of the improved version of tools soon.