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Improve It – Leapfrog project

Testing of a new improvement process to support a collaborative redesign of the leapfrog tools

Improve It aims to make existing Leapfrog tools better by testing a new collaborative process of improvement through a series of workshop-like events.

How can the ideas that underpin a tool, the facilitation assistance of a tool, and the use of a tool by participants be improved?

In the Leapfrog project, we have co-designed many creative engagement tools with our partners and stakeholders. They were designed with suggestive and motivational instructions, and editable elements in order to support people in creating their own application of tools. Improving these co-designed tools, providing better engagement practices requires a different collaborative approach.

In this short project, Leapfrog suggested a framework for improving tools, exploring innovative ways to make engagement practices better. This framework explores three layers of an engagement process (Concept, Facilitation, and Participants), improving tools in three different dimensions (Function, Instructions, Flexibility). The relationships between any pair of a layer and a dimension form nine possible components, which compose the matrix of improvement.

The aim of this project is to test this matrix through a series of workshops consisted of sessions of testing and improving Leapfrog tools, and design new versions of Leapfrog tools.


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