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Just Imagine…The Shape of the Park

Do you want to help shape the future of one of Lancaster's oldest public spaces? Come along and take part in a drop in co-design session on the Priory Green and at The Storey in Lancaster between 2 - 8pm on Saturday 22nd September

Date Published: 22 September 2012

Come along for fifteen minutes or much longer to contribute to the re-imagining of the key features of the park ‘Beyond the Castle’ – the amphitheatre, the roman baths, the remains and anything else that you care about – such as holding events or other activities in the park.

We’ll be making models and building prototypes of how to bring these things to life and creating photo journals of what you feel is important and what you think could be improved.

The sessions will capture people’s ideas in a number of formats (none of which need previous experience or skill!) as we think about these fixed features and also focus on the big issue of finding your way in to and around the park in ways that are helpful and practical.


We’ll be starting out on the Priory Green to explore the area and moving into The Storey for the making and building part. If you feel you know the space ‘Beyond the castle’ well enough already come straight to The Storey for the workshop. After dusk we’ll only be found in The Storey.

All ages are welcome. If you’ve got something to say, we want to capture it as part of this co-design process and as an exhibit in the Picture This exhibition in November when we bring together all the ideas from the ‘Beyond the Castle’ events.

Free refreshments and pizza for all participants at The Storey!

Map of the meeting point on the green outside The Priory PDF [3MB]

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