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Just Imagine…The Shape of the Park

The day started well bright sunshine after a week of rain and there we where strategically positioned between The Storey Institute and the Priory Green.

Date Published: 09 October 2012

One group ready for the creative act of modelling and a small but determined group positioned around the headless lady close to the Priory Church.

People started to arrive as individuals, couples and many varied groups varying from gangs of Goths to more sedative tourists and dog walkers Age range 9 months to 93 with a location spread from the depths of Lancashire and beyond  to a Sudanese dentist with his Indian wife out for the day drawn by the rich history of this astonishing site.

As with all of the PROUD events co-design was the emphasis of the day with a clear mandate of seeing the creative act of design born out through clay sticky paper and bits of wood …….See the previous blog for further details of the modelling .

Our materials consisted of simplified maps of the site with pens (Bright Red of course ) and a range of stickers with evocative names on  all to be found on the site  with the addition of one most important round sticker with the words  Just imagine for this was to be a day of  co-operative imagination .

Ideas poured in ranging from Lets leave it alone to entire re imaginings of how the Roman Fort could be excavated and exposed to view.

Viewing platforms, Café’s aerial runways to connect one end of the site to another, extensive dog walking routes all carefully planned out, re shaping of the hillside for tourist use and very frequently an enclosed shelter to keep dry in while enjoying the spectacular views.

The activity of the day was fuelled by what seemed to be an endless range of people none of whom showed any negative response but pure interest in the thought of being part of the creative process.

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