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New Meeting Agenda Planning Tool

Date Published: 27 May 2014

The tool is a PDF pro-forma that provides a structure to use for adding and planning the flow of the topics to be covered during a meeting and who is responsible for each topic.  The tool also covers actions from the last meeting and any topics that need to be discussed in the next.

The topics to be covered can be added to the digital pro-forma by the organiser before the meeting and circulated to the attendees to add any other relevant information.

It is easy for anyone to add or edit text fields on the pro forma using only a basic version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.   This means that the visually interesting pro forma can be used by anyone, regardless of his or her graphic design skills.

The chair can quickly get a clear overview of the overall structure of the meeting from the clear, visual and organised layout of the proforma before the meeting begins.

Using, sharing and editing the tool before the meeting ensures that any issues regarding the meeting are out in the open before the actual meeting, saving everyone’s time on the day.


Meeting Agenda Tool

Download PDF [0.7MB]

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