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New tools available on the Collaboration and Impact Toolbox

The IDEAS for Impact project recently added two new free downloadable tools to the Collaboration and Impact Toolbox website

Date Published: 25 June 2015

The tools are the Superheroes and the Intro Cards, which have both been designed by IDEAS for Impact and put to use in many successful workshops, including workshops with external organisations such as The Scottish Government and The Victoria and Albert Museum.

Both tools have been designed so that they are really easy to use.  Simply download the tool PDF from the website, if desired, edit the text on the tool by typing into the highlighted boxes on Adobe Acrobat and press print.

Superheroes is a fun tool that enables people to reflect on the individual skills that they use day-to-day and what might be possible if they could break through the limitations and constraints. The tool consists of the outline of a day-to-day person and the outline of a superhero (like Clark Kent to Superman).  There are various prompts, such as core skills, supertools and kryptonite, which draw responses from the participant.  The tool can be downloaded in an A3 format for individual work and large-scale format for team work depending on the intended use and includes instructions included.

The Intro Cards can be used as part of a fun and collaborative activity to transform round-the-table introductions.  The A5 cards ask workshop participants to respond with five words about them or a drawing of themselves with five lines and share the card contents with the rest of the group.

Find out more and download the tools.  More to tools will be added very soon!

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