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Planning session with Lancaster City Council officers

Online workshop

Date Published: 03 September 2020

On the 27th of August,we facilitated an online workshop to gather insights from LCC officers involved in the process. Ten participants engaged in a session and together we explored three themes: 1) energising the community; 2) security; and 3) Public and green spaces. After sharing some views, we identified the following principles:

1. Energising the community

  • Space for greater social cohesion
  • Community building
  • Connectivity between neighbours
  • Sense of ownership
  • Create a place, not a design

2. Security

  • Create a safe place
  • Difference between security and safety: security focuses on preventing the deliberate action directed towards inflicting harm, whether safety refers to the condition of being protected, also depicts the feeling in control of potential risks.
  • Ignite a welcoming feeling

3. Public and green spaces

  • Enhance the great prime geolocation of the estate, highly valued by the residents.
  • Enhance connectivity

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