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Recommendations Drop-in Sessions

Presenting findings and getting residents' feedback!

Date Published: 05 October 2020

The last event of phase one was held at the Base the 30th of September and brought in a total of 9 participants who were keen to find out what were our recommendations. We presented a summary of the key themes and sub-themes. We also displayed a sample of the data to explain to them how the data-gathering set was analysed. Then, we invited the participants to reflect on the sub-themes identified and prioritise their top five.

The aim of phase one was to critically explore with Mainway residents the benefits and disadvantages of two options: rebuild (regeneration) or renovate (refurbishment); and gather the residents’ preferences on this matter in order to inform the decision-making process of Lancaster City Council (LCC). We engaged with 50% of the total households in Mainway, conducted 119 interviews at the doorstep, and generated over 220 participant interactions in total. The gathering of data has captured over 3500 data points, systematically analysed following thematic analysis.

The community recommendation is to undertake a regeneration project for the future redevelopment of the estate. 45% of the participants selected this option, compared to the 17% who selected the refurbishment option.

We are looking forward to beginning phase two! Watch the space for our next event focused on children’s activities around Mainway: 11th October 2020 at the Base:

7 Captains Row, LA1 2AN

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