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Redesigning a workshop from physical to digital: Principles for designing distributed co-design approaches

Paper presented and published in the DVHG Virtual Conference

Date Published: 05 January 2021

Rosendy Galabo and Badziili Nthubu presented the conference paper “Redesigning a workshop from physical to digital: Principles for designing distributed co-design approaches” at the Design Vertical & Horizontal Growth (DVHG) Virtual Conference: Day 3 (Inter-Action) on 30 October 2020.

In this paper, we describe a case study resulted from a cross-collaboration between workplaces and community cluster teams, where we tested the set of principles through a redesign process of the physical workshop into a virtual one.



This paper presents a case study of a redesign of a physical workshop into a virtual one to illustrate the application of a set of principles for designing and running co-design online events. Such workshops require a different co-design approach to overcome the challenges of working in spatially distributed settings, such as the lack of audiovisual cues, digital skills and physical presence. This approach involves developing a new design ‘language’ that a community can understand and use in engagement projects. In this paper, we present a set of principles for planning and facilitating online events, and designing interactive resources, and the application of such principles in a redesign process of a conference workshop. The findings from the case study suggest that short-term activities and active facilitation assisted by a technical producer can support the delivery of effective online workshops, enabling participants to achieve desired outcomes in a timely manner.

Keywords: Distributed co-design, online workshops, virtual events, creative engagement, design principles


More details in the conference paper below.

DVHG conference paper 2020

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