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Scenario Comic Tool Available from New IDEAS

A simple but effective tool for revealing motivations in knowledge exchange projects

Date Published: 10 February 2013

The Scenario Comic Tool from New IDEAS

The New IDEAS project is producing a series of useful knowledge exchange tools and toolkits for dissemination both within and outside Lancaster University.  As part of this, close work with a group of professionals and academics working within knowledge exchange in the University has enabled the team to develop the Scenarios Comic Tool.

The Scenarios Comic Tool is ideal for use in situations where a group of people meet to discuss the direction of a project or topic, such as in a meeting or workshop and would benefit from learning what each other’s motivations and aspirations for the project would be.

How to the Use the Scenario Comic with a Group

The scenario comic has space for the project’s title and seperate cells for the participant’s best and worst Scenarios.  Below these are cells to respond to the worst and best case scenarios.  Ask your participants to fill the cells with their answers.

Tips for Use:

– Try folding the A4 sheet in half and asking one person to fill in the top cells for worst and best case scenario and then swapping with another person to unfold and fill in the responses in the bottom cells.
– Use a thick tipped pen for bolder, more legible writing from your participants.


The Scenario Comic is available in a pdf form file, which means that the facilitator can add text to the cells via their computer before printing and circulating via email.  This also means that if you are working with remote participants, they can still take part in this activity by filling in the digital form.

To add text to the form, simply click into the highlighted fields on the pdf form and type.  The highlighted fields will not be visible on your print outs.


Scenario Comic Download

Download PDF [2MB]

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