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SDR UK workshop 01

Building the Service Design Research Landscape

Date Published: 27 June 2013

The first workshop of SDR UK was held in Lancaster University, at the ImaginationLab. There was a mix of academics, designers and organisations looking into the wider landscape of Service Design Research to identify current and potential future areas of research in this field.

We had presentations of design research work from Lawrence Green (Manchester Metropolitan University), Jocelyn Bailey (Policy Connect), Sarah Drummond (Snook), Alastair Macdonald (Glasgow School of Arts), Tracy Bhamra (Loughborough University) and Paul Thurston (PDR). These presentations were aiming to give an overview of exemplar research practices with related questions to inform the following discussions.

We conducted two main activities:

1. Group Discussion: What Service Design does and does not do for Service Innovation

2. Mapping: emerging areas, issues and questions

These activities helped to identify and map the key contributions, but also challenges and limitations of Service Design today, to then look at the bigger picture of the Service Design Research landscape and point at new areas, links, projects or questions.


Building the Service Design Research Landscape

SDR UK workshop 01 report

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