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Dr Daniela Sangiorgi

Senior Lecturer, August 2009 to August 2015

Service Design, Design for Public Services, Service Innovation

Daniela’s research focuses on Service Design, which was also her PhD topic. She has investigated services as complex social systems, proposing holistic and participatory approaches to Service Design.

In her recent work she has been investigating the role of Design in public sector reform and in service innovation in general. She has conducted research into the role of Design in healthcare commissioning. She is recently exploring links and contributions of Design in the Service Science debate and the Service Logic framework.

She is a member of the International Society of Service Innovation Professionals (ISSIP).

Daniela was a researcher for the SDI Agency at the INDACO Department of Politecnico di Milano until April 2007. During this time, she participated in several national and European research projects, mainly dealing with the role of design in the innovation and development of the Italian industrial system.

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