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Second KE Tool Design Lab: Generating Ideas

Participants generated tool ideas that would be useful for knowledge exchange activities across the University

Date Published: 22 November 2012

The second instalment of the New IDEAS labs for designing knowledge exchange toolkits took place on Wednesday 21st November, in which the participants generated variety of ideas for tools that would be useful for knowledge exchange activities taking place across the University.

Common themes from the previous workshop were displayed for the participants to see and add additional comments to.  These ‘theme boards’ were then used as the basis of discussion and tool idea development in groups led by the New IDEAS project team.  The groups were taken through stages where they had to come up with constraints associated with a challenge, their assumptions underpinning the constraints and examples of where the assumptions would not be true.  This process inspired the participants to come up with ideas for new knowledge exchange tools.

The New IDEAS design team are now developing and prototyping the ideas from the lab and will be presenting them back to the participants in the final workshop on Wednesday 5th December.

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