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Sustainable North, University of Manchester – 30 October 2013

N8 'New Thinking from the North' network holds its third workshop in Manchester

Date Published: 30 October 2013

The future of the North lies in its capacity to imagine, develop and enact economic, social, environmental and cultural strategies for sustainable development. This workshop explores the conceptual and imaginative insights of established experts including academics, policy makers, environmental activists and creative practitioners, to open up questions of sustainability and resilience and consider the role of arts and humanities research.

  • How can the arts contribute to making the North sustainable?
  • What models and practices have been developed historically and how can we best learn from them?
  • In what ways has arts and humanities research uncovered new ways in which to imagine and engineer the North’s future?

The workshop will take place in the home of an exciting new research-led community interest company, the Biospheric Foundation, which is dedicated to providing practical solutions to urban poverty through collaborative community projects on food production and distribution.

See the Institute for Cultural Practices, Manchester University for further information: http://culturalpractice.wordpress.com/2013/09/03/call-for-papers-arts-and-humanities-the-sustainable-north/

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