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Towards Socially Sustainable Ways of Living

Tea Talks – Lancaster School of Architecture

Date Published: 04 March 2022

See Mirian Calvo in the Tea Talks (Technology, Environment & Architecture) about Climate Emergency, held at Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster University. Mirian raises the importance of Participatory Architecture in creating social cohesion, a crucial aspect for building resilient communities capable of overcoming the upcoming challenges associated to climate change. She argues that Participatory Architecture allows people to connect with their own sense of agency, so as collectively identifying and devising designerly solutions to transform their immediate surroundings based on community needs, knowledge and resources.

Key pointers:

  • Climate emergency is a planetary concern, it transcends the limitation of individual action
  • it needs collective action and interdisciplinary approaches to rethink and redesign our future together
  • PA is a strong alternative to overcome the climate emergency as it provides spaces for bringing multi-expertise and local communities together.

Watch here the presentation