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Tracking Inspiration at the V&A

Following the 'Fostering Creativity' workshop for the V&A Museum, IDEAS for Impact has produced a tool for tracking the team's inspiration

Date Published: 10 April 2015

At the end of February, the IDEAS for Impact team ran a workshop for the Schools, Families and Young People team at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.  The workshop helped the team reflect on their professional roles and think about ways they could be more creative.

After the workshop, Sarah Campbell, who leads the team at the V&A talked about how it would be useful for the team to take time every month to do something different that would inspire their work and make it visible in the office for the rest of the team.  The IDEAS team responded to this by developing a Inspiration Tracker, a poster tool to be displayed in the team’s office.  The Inspiration Tracker has space for each member of the team to create a timeline style collection of postcards, photographs, notes and doodles next to their photograph that shows what has inspired their work. For each example collected and displayed, the team is encouraged to keep going with motivational phrases that are displayed along the top of the chart.

Since the workshop in February, Sarah has told us that the team have made changes to the way they work; going out every month and making a visible note of where they have been on a whiteboard in the office.  Therefore, she hopes to use the Inspiration Tracker to further enhance this inspiration finding and sharing activity.

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