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UK Creativity Conference 2022

Date Published: 20 May 2022

Taking part in the UK Creativity Researchers Conference 2022 in London was a fantastic experience. Violet Owen presented a poster showcasing the ongoing research that her, Elisavet Christou and Pinar Ceyhan have been conducting on Creative Evaluation (CE). In this poster we discuss creativity in evaluation research and practice as an example of a discipline that is often viewed as ‘dry’ or ‘bureaucratic’ and yet it has been showing great potential of applying and exploring creativity within its scope. Our poster highlights innovative creative evaluation methods and tools that draw from an array of disciplinary and practice fields like the arts, design and biophysics, and demonstrate the potential that cross-, inter- and trans-disciplinary approaches such as CE have in addressing the complex problems of our time. 

The conference was held at Bartle Bogle Hegarty in Soho, which is a vibrant and modern venue. There was a range of fascinating presentations and lightening talks throughout the day and many chances for networking with researchers and professionals from a wide range of disciplines.  

Prof. Roni Reiter-Palmon opened the event with an inspiring talk on creativity in virtual teams, and there were many other interesting topics for discussion from sustainable mushrooms to the creative process of comedy writing and performance.  

Violet says, “I hope I get to return next year and again enjoy the intimate and vibrant atmosphere created by UKCR”. 

We are also extremely excited to have the opportunity to present our ongoing work on Creative Evaluation this May at the UK Evaluation Society Conference, where Violet and Pinar will be leading a presentation on Creative Evaluation in the Biophysical Context and presenting a poster about using Creative Evaluation to evaluate Social Innovations. In early June, Elisavet will be travelling to Copenhagen and will be chairing a round table at the European Evaluation Society Conference discussing Creative Evaluation Approaches for Meaningful Transformation with Nora Murphy Johnson, President and CEO of the Evaluation consultancy Inspire to Change. Also in June, Violet, Pinar and Adrian Gradinar will be attending the Design Research Society Conference in Bilbao. Pinar and Adrian will deliver a virtual workshop on our novel Evaluation Visualisation Design (EViD) Tool and Violet and Pinar will deliver a virtual workshop about exploring the biophysical context. Violet will also present in-person the ‘Evaluating Social Innovations (SI), how Creative Evaluation (CE) can help articulate their values and impacts” paper of which she is the lead author! Finally, in August Elisavet, Violet and Pinar will be presenting an exploratory paper on ‘Expanding Evaluation Design Towards the Biophysical Context’ at the Participatory Design Conference 2022. What a summer, we can’t wait!