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Upcoming: 3 Tool Design Events

Designing Tools for Designing Knowledge Exchange & High Impact Research

Date Published: 19 September 2012

Lancaster University has an excellent reputation for knowledge exchange and high impact research, but the way we have achieved this is often unknown outside of particular departments and teams.

In ImaginationLancaster, the design research lab within Lancaster University, we undertake a lot of knowledge exchange activity but we also research the process of knowledge exchange design and new methods of undertaking high impact research. We currently have faculty funding from HEIF, to explore how we can connect and facilitate innovative knowledge exchange and high impact research across the University.

We are invited key people from Lancaster University to a sequence of three half-day labs to develop a range of tools that draw on the collective experience of key people in this area throughout the University. The resulting tools will be prototyped as part of the lab process and following this, they will be refined by our Design Team in ImaginationLancaster for free distribution within the University in the New Year.

Contributions to these Labs will help us address your specific needs and challenges. These could range from very practical needs, such as how to collaborate more productively with small companies, to very strategic ones, such as how to encourage more ‘pure’ researchers to think about the potential impact of their work outside academia. The tools we develop together will depend entirely on the contribution of participants, we do not have a set agenda or proposal to ‘sell’. We are looking for a wide range of participants from professors to KE deliverers to new lecturers.

We are looking for a maximum of fifteen people to participate in this Lab series and needed to be able to attend all three Labs. Please register to attend using the form to the right.

Event Dates

Wednesday 14th November 9.30 – 12.30

Wednesday 21st November 9.30 – 12.30

Wednesday 5th December 9.30 – 12.30

In the Imagination Lab, LICA Building

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