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Imagination is ...

addressing current and future challenges and providing fresh perspectives on real world issues.

Imagination is an open and exploratory design-led research centre conducting applied and theoretical research into people, products, places and their interactions.

Collaborate with us

We have extensive experience collaborating with academics, public, private and third sectors to deliver research with measurable real world economic and societal impact. Through in-depth collaboration we apply our exploratory research to address the complex challenges identified by industry, public and private sectors, national and international governments.

Our diverse team of researchers including architects, product designers and technologists and more take a cutting-edge, design-led, interdisciplinary approach to create and evaluate next generation places, products and services.

Learn more ...

Explore our website, we have many resources to help you understand the wide ranging research we undertake here at Imagination. Our “Little Book of” series are short books to share and explain some of our research and are all freely available to download and we have developed the Leapfrog tools to help you engage, understand, and work with diverse teams. These and other resources can be found here.

If you would like to understand better what design research is and how it helps drive us towards solutions for societal challenges please look at our “What is Design Research?” page.