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Dr Daniel Richards

Lecturer in Data Prototyping and Visualisation

Digital Good, Data Visualisation, Computational Design, Human-Computer Interaction, Speculative Design, Generative Systems

I am a designer, creative technologist and lecturer in Data Prototyping and Visualisation at Imagination.

My research interests involve combining design and computing to explore futures of digital technologies. I currently supervise PhD students exploring futures of context-aware wearables and data storytelling. Previous PhDs projects that I have supervised have explored futures of autonomous vehicles, innovation ecosystems, sustainable IoT systems, makerspaces and the role of AI in graphic design.

Previous EPSRC funded research projects have explored unconventional and voxel-based CAD tools for designing, visualising and fabricating complex functionally graded objects with multi-material additive manufacturing technologies in collaboration with Stratasys (2016-17). Creating novel data visualisation systems and digital twinning techniques for tailoring downhill mountain bikes with Atherton Bikes (2018-21), and the design of speculative information systems in collaboration with quantified selfers (2019-20).

I am currently the Technology Translations lead in the £4 million ESRC-funded Digital Good Network, which aims to build an interdisciplinary research community focused on what a “good” digital society should look like and how we might get there (2022-27). I also co-lead the “Design for Digital Good” special interest group within Imagination.

I have published the outputs of my research across a range of high-profile design and scientific venues and exhibited creative works across the UK, China and USA.