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Call for Digital Artists

Exploring the theme: 'Digital Identities Over Time'

Date Published: 22 March 2024

Researchers at Imagination Lancaster, Lancaster University are seeking 4 digital artists to be part of a paid 1-month online artist residency in May 2024. The residency will explore the theme of “digital identities over time” and culminate in an online exhibition in June 2024.

This artist residency is part of an ESRC-funded project connected to the Digital Good Network that seeks to provide different perspectives and provoke debate about what future digital identities might be like, how they might unfold over time, and what we want from such digital identity systems. The artists in this residency will contribute to this larger project by exploring ideas and provoking questions about the future of digital identity as a concept and set of emerging technologies (e.g.: self-sovereign identity systems, biometrics, facial recognition, identity cards, social media, AI…etc).

To explore more about the open call and apply please visit: www.digitalgood.net/call-for-digital-artists