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Context-Aware Wearables – The last thing we need is a pandemic of stray cats

New paper published for alt.chi | CHI 2021

Date Published: 15 April 2021

The trailer above is a fictional trailer for the fictional wearable and application Connected Companion (CoCo). CoCo is an AI powered wearable and application that detects when you are drunk, stressed and caffeinated with the aim of improving your wellness.

Using design fiction as world building through the format of a fictional paper we could explore how people might use these sensors and provoke discussion around what sensors could or should exist in the future. Exploring challenges with applying machine learning in context-aware systems highlights some of the complexities with modelling context, especially when considering the many possible contexts where these sensors could be used.

This paper argues that speculative and future-focused research such as design fiction should be used for exploring similar Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) challenges before such systems are implemented.

The full paper can be found here: Context-Aware Wearables

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