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Kim Snooks

Research Associate

Digital Good, Digital Identities, Selves, Design Fiction, Speculative Design


  • Design Futures

I am a postdoctoral research in Design for Digital Good as part of the Digital Good Network. Working with Dr Dan Richards, I am currently researching ‘good’ future digital identities. This includes what these would look like and how messy, fragmented, fluid humans might be able to express themselves through them. This is based on concepts of the self and design methods developed as part of my PhD. As part of this role I have completed two design sprints which involved: (1) conversations with experts to understand multiple perspectives on ‘good’ digital identities (2) creation and usage of 14 provotypes to engage both academic and non-academic participants in online workshops to generate debate around what constitutes ‘good’ digital identity futures.

Previously I studied for my PhD in Design at ImaginationLancaster, Lancaster University. I used speculative methods to critically examine future health-tracking technologies. Drawing on more-than human theory, I explored how different perspectives of contextualised personal informatics data might be included in system design.

Published works:

Beyond the body: Moving past the metricised bodily goal in self-trackingSnooks K, Whitham R, Richards D, Lindley J. DRS Conference 2022

Multitudes: Widening the research agenda for personal informatics designCo-author on paper: Winters E et al., DRS Conference 2022

Context-aware wearables: The last thing we need is a pandemic of stray catsSnooks K, Lindley J, Richards D, Whitham R. Alt CHI 2021