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Lorenz Herfurth

Research Associate, August 2009 to June 2011 Innovation, Knowledge Exchange, Design Research, Design Management for Sustainability, Design Thinking

Lorenz joined Imagination Lancaster as Research Associate in 2009 after completing his Master in Design Management and Policy at Lancaster University.

He has a background in product design and design management and gained working experience in several industrial sectors, like product, cosmetic and transportation for several years. His work is centred around the engagement between academia and businesses as part of the IDEAS project. Lorenz’ research interests cover innovation methods, design management, design in organisations and sustainability in decision making processes.

Latest Updates from Lorenz Herfurth

Workshop Series: Next Generation Sustainability in Civil Engineering

Embedding new sustainability thinking into day-to-day activities of civil engineering can result in substantial social, economic and environmental benefits for all stakeholders, but, to date, sustainability in consulting engineering is still more of a reactive activity than a proactive one. Through engaging with Civil Engineering consultants, educators and regulators as stakeholders, the series of workshops aims to bring together fresh perspectives on sustainability in consulting engineering in the supply chain