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Design and the Big Society

Design and the Big Society brought design researchers together with others from politics, journalism, technology and finance to consider the relationship between design for social innovation, socially responsive design and the ‘big society’ agenda as promoted by the government. Imagination through Creative Ideas facilitated this to day workshop and also participated in the lively discussion

Date Published: 03 May 2011

Big Society Research is a project funded by Research Councils UK (RCUK) under their Connected Communities cross-council funding programme. The aim of Big Society Research is to harvest current research either directly or tangentially linked to ‘big society’ and place it under a single banner that can become an effective avenue for disseminating and achieving impact in local and central government, with policy-makers and communities themselves. This workshop was one of four planned interdisciplinary themed workshops in themed areas: Technology; Design; Inclusion and Finance. The focus was on how design might contribute to help support a society that allows people to innovate and change their world using participatory and co-design approaches to develop local responses to public services.

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