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CaTalyST: Citizens Transforming Society (Tools for Change)

This £1.5 million EPSRC funded 4 year project examines the role of new technology in citizen led innovation looking specifically at Manchester and Derry as sites of innovation. The project includes innovation researchers from Computing, Design Sociology and management, all based in Lancaster University.

The key research questions for this project are:

  1. What is the role of technology in grassroots, community-driven social innovation?
  2. What is the vision of next-generation technologies, designed explicitly with citizen-led innovation in mind?
  3. How can citizen innovations be scaled up and diffused across communities?
  4. How to reflect on the process of multidisciplinary practice itself?

These questions will be addressed through a series of research sprint projects lasting for approximately 6 months proposed by cross-disiplinary teams of researchers from across Lancaster University. In addition to these projects, there will be a series of shorter community-led projects.

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