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Urban Futures

Sustainable Regeneration – from evidence-based urban futures to implementation

A 4-year research project (May 2008- May 2012), funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council’s (EPSRC) Sustainable Urban Environments 2 (SUE2) programme. The project consortium is led by the University of Birmingham and includes Lancaster University, the University of Exeter, Birmingham City University and Coventry University.

The aim of the Urban Futures project is to use future scenarios to measure the resilience of today’s urban regeneration solutions in terms of sustainability. Case studies in three UK cities (as well as in international cities) are being used to better understand whether solutions put in place now to problems will yield a positive, rather than negative, future legacy. The team from ImaginationLancaster is focussing on density and decision-making in the urban design and development process.

This project follows on from a previous EPSRC funded project Vivacity2020

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