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Density paper to be presented at international sustainability conference

Findings from an online survey about density and decision-making to be discussed in Vancouver, Canada

Date Published: 10 January 2012

As part of the Urban Futures project, Christopher Boyko will be heading home (sort of) to Canada this January, where he will be presenting a paper at the 8th International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability (10-12 January 2012). The paper is based on an online survey about density and decision-making within the urban design and planning process, developed by Rachel Cooper and Christopher. Over a 3-month period in Spring 2011, 129 urban design, planning, architecture and built environment professionals and academics responded to questions about who makes density decisions, when and where they make decisions in the urban design and planning process and what tools, techniques and resources they use to make those decisions. Christopher will present the findings as well as discuss some of the implications for urban design and planning policy and practice.

Date: 10th of January 2012
Location: University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

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