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Game Design in an Internet of Things

Date Published: 12 November 2014

Partly inspired by various projects on the Creative Exchange, and while on my sabbatical at the BBC, I wrote up this journal paper with my PhD students on the challenges for Game Design in an Internet of Things.

The reality is that one of the most successful examples of the Internet of Things is the game Skylanders from Activision  which uses objects as physical game pieces to enhance the players’ interaction with virtual games.

The exciting element is that these hybrid physical/digital objects present game designers with number of interesting challenges as they i) blur the boundaries between toys and games; ii) provide opportunities for freeform physical play outside the virtual game; and iii) create new requirements for interaction design, in that they utilise design techniques from both product design and computer interface design.

However to maximise this opportunity game designers need to develop new approaches to the design of their games that allow them to sucessfully combine the digital and physical affordances of such objects to produce good player experiences.

Publication Date

12th of November 2014

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