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Liveable Cities workshop on sharing in Lancaster is a success!

Lancaster Sharing City Workshop pushes the boundaries on what sharing means in cities

Date Published: 30 March 2015

Over 30 participants from Lancaster and Birmingham gathered at the Friends Meeting House in Lancaster to explore sharing in cities. The Liveable Cities team had this diverse group, many of whom are directly involved in local community groups, engage in a series of activities over the morning and afternoon, including:

  • Writing down examples of sharing in their respective city (on hexagons, created from the IDEAS for Impact project)
  • Thinking about the worst-case scenario that could happen to sharing in Lancaster or Birmingham
  • Making actual and potential connections between the different sharing examples
  • Designing a city of the future in which things could be amplified (made larger in terms of scale), created (new forms of sharing) or destroyed (like cars in town centres!).

Overall, the Liveable Cities team got a lot out of the day and are hoping to replicate the success of this event with another one in Birmingham in late April/early May.

Thank you to everyone who attended and made the day meaningful for us!

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