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People’s Powerhouse North Convention Workshop

Making Sustainable Places

Date Published: 30 November 2023

Placemaking with Young Adults project was showcased at the “This is the North Convention” aimed to emphasize the importance of engaging young adults in shaping sustainable places to live. The project recognized that involving young adults in decision-making processes leads to more inclusive and vibrant communities.

The workshop held at the Masonic Hall in Preston on November 30th, 2023, attracted a diverse range of participants. This inclusive group consisted of policymakers, public officers, academics, practitioners, and members of non-profit institutions. Their multidisciplinary perspectives enriched the discussions and insights shared during the event.

During the workshop, the research project highlighted the co-creation process undertaken to develop the Placemaking Framework for the Lancaster City Council Local Plan review. This framework aimed to guide future development decisions and support the creation of sustainable and desirable living spaces.

The main focus of the workshop was to engage participants in exploring the various features, attributes, and measurements that contribute to making a place sustainable and pleasant to live in. By actively involving stakeholders who influence placemaking decisions, the workshop aimed to foster a collaborative understanding of what makes a place successful and sustainable from different perspectives.

The dissemination of the Placemaking with Young Adults project at the National Conference allowed for sharing insights and best practices with a broader audience. It also provided an opportunity to inspire other regions and organizations to consider the role of young adults in shaping their local environments.

Overall, the workshop served as a platform to facilitate meaningful discussions and exchange ideas about creating sustainable and vibrant places while highlighting the importance of involving young adults in the decision-making process.