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“Planning for Tomorrow’s Environment:  Engaging Us in the Process” Documentary

Placemaking with Young Adults

Date Published: 08 November 2022

Placemaking with Young Adults project is featured in the Royal Town Planners Institute – RTPI’s documentary, “Planning for Tomorrow’s Environment” as an example of best practice in community engagement, which has generated +600K views and 2.75M impressions to date. They invited us to the pre-launch in London and we went!

“Planning for Tomorrow’s Environment:  Engaging Us in the Process” is a documentary that illuminates how, through an effective and insightful planning system, we can reduce carbon emissions and adapt to climate change impacts already locked in. In this segment (Chapter 6) learn how we are partnering with Lancaster City Council to bring along young adults in the placemaking and planning process and the insights young adults bring to policy making.

Friends of the Earth also highlighted the project as an example of unlocking transformative climate action; LLC officers presented in public talks and conferences, incl. APSE Big Energy Summit, Festival of place – events – Festival of Place: Climate Resilience 2024, and This is the North Convention to share knowledge and best practice.
You can see the fragment here
More info about the project here