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Urban Futures workshop with Lancaster City Council

Workshop with local authority and private sector decision-makers to understand the sustainability issues of an urban regeneration site in Lancaster city centre

Date Published: 09 December 2010

The aim of the workshop was for the Urban Futures team to meet with planners and developers to discuss an urban regeneration site in Lancaster city centre and to consider using future scenarios to make the site more resilient. In the workshop, the attendees learned about the history and context of the regeneration site. We also engaged in a number of exercises around different themes, including mixed-use, water and energy and a particular feature of the regeneration site. The workshop ended with a group discussion and questions.

A report about density and the urban regeneration site, written following the workshop, is available below.

Urban Futures is an EPSRC SUE2 project. For more information, please visit www.urban-futures.org


Density report for Lancaster urban regeneration site

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