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Imagination’s Festival of Futures, March 2024

Date Published: 01 December 2023

ImaginationLancaster will host a Festival of Futures at the Lancaster Institute of Contemporary Arts at Lancaster University in March 2024.

Flagship events, workshops and an exhibition of cutting-edge design research drawn from four centres of design research excellence across the UK.

Imagination now & next, 8th March 2024

Design has power. It is the ultimate interdisciplinary enabler.

Design research allows us to question prevailing approaches and inspire new ones, demonstrating not just what could be plausible in the near future but why it might be preferable.

ImaginationLancaster – Lancaster University’s design-led research lab – creates a uniquely powerful socio-technical bridge between academic disciplines, industry, society, and policy. Directly, and through collaboration, our research contributes to a healthier, more prosperous, and sustainable world.

At Imagination now & next, Imagination and our partners will showcase and explore the transformative power of design research, the difference we have made and how we can collaboratively design for a better tomorrow.

Themes: Future Environments, Sustainable Futures and Digital Futures.

The future is a work in progress, 15th March 2024

Embark upon a journey of discovery as we share the culmination of five years dedicated pursuit of knowledge, funded through a groundbreaking initiative by Research England in 2019. During this time four centres of design-research excellence across the UK applied their expertise to work at the intersection of design and global challenges. They are:

The future is a work in progress is a unique gathering where all four centres unite in one time and place at Lancaster University. Sharing not only the insights, impact, and transformative implications they have learned, but also why they matter.

Themes: Designing for health and wellbeing, Designing for Net Zero futures and Designing across disciplines.

The future is a work in progress Exhibition, 8-15th March 2024 at LICA, Lancaster University

Glimpse possible futures of designing for a world in constant flux. An exhibition of cutting-edge interdisciplinary design research from four design-research centres of excellence across the UK.

Festival tickets

Please visit the Festival of Futures web site for further information and to register your place at the flagship events.

Festival of Futures 

The Festival of Futures is the culmination of the £13.2M Beyond Imagination Project funded by Research England and Lancaster University demonstrating how cutting-edge design research can contribute to a healthier, prosperous and more sustainable world.


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