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Introducing the new Imagination logo

Date Published: 15 January 2024

ImaginationLancaster was established in 2006. While we loved our previous logo with its green spark, as a cutting-edge interdisciplinary design-led research lab we decided it was time for a refresh. Working with the brilliant team at Wash Studio we’ve developed a new imagination visual identity rooted in an ‘ever-changing’ logo. It has been created around Imagination’s values and character:  Creative, Deep and Reflective, Unstoppable, Impactful, and Adventurous.

The new logo includes 5 variations, each one designed around our character attributes. The spark has evolved into more of a ‘scribble’ which continues to represent creativity, thought, and journey of ideas, just as much as the original spark. A toolkit of visual assets and illustrations and a vivid new colour palette, with options to use the logo in a variety of colour ways, allows the team to be as creative or playful as a project requires.

Thank you to the team at Wash especially Andy, Becki, Lynsey and Gary for working with us on this innovative identity refresh.

Imagination logo