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Digital Good SIG

There are many areas to cover within a ‘digital good’ framework. These are a few of the discussion topics we are having at the moment.

  • what the digital good should look like and how it can be achieved
  • working with organisations and businesses to better understand and consider future relationships with digital technologies
  • using speculative design and provotyping to provoke debates around what the digital good means, and for whom…
  • how can we make sure digital technologies contribute towards a more equitable society?
  • how can we make the digital future more sustainable?
  • how can the digital world be shaped to ensure that digital technologies enhance wellbeing in the face of challenges such as pandemics, political conflicts, natural disasters, misinformation, and online hate?
  • how can we use design to enable policy making that encourages digital good?
  • digital good over time – what is considered digital good now and how might that change? 

Our Team