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Browse profiles of our sixty-strong team of diverse design researchers includes architects, engineers, technologists, product designers past and present, along with our PhD students.

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Current Staff

>Muhammad Adamu
Muhammad Adamu

Senior Research Associate

Yekta Bakırlıoğlu

Senior Lecturer in Design Management

>Sanem Bayar
Sanem Bayar

Lecturer in Computational Design

>Jesse Benjamin
Jesse Benjamin

Research Associate

>Adam Blaney
Adam Blaney

Lecturer in Responsive Architecture

>Zoe Bolton
Zoe Bolton

Research Development Manager

>Christopher Boyko
Christopher Boyko

Senior Lecturer in Design

>Mariana Braga
Mariana Braga

Post-Doctoral Research Associate International

>Mirian Calvo
Mirian Calvo

Lecturer in Participatory Architecture

>Andrea Canclini
Andrea Canclini

Lecturer in Architecture

>Pinar Ceyhan
Pinar Ceyhan

International Lecturer in Design

>Rachel Cooper
Rachel Cooper

Chair in Design

>Ana Rute Costa
Ana Rute Costa

Senior Lecturer in Architecture | Course Leader BA (Hons) Architecture

>Paul Coulton
Paul Coulton

Chair of Speculative and Game Design

>Claire Coulton
Claire Coulton

PETRAS National Centre of Excellence: Impact and Cohort Development Lead

>Gemma Coupe
Gemma Coupe

Impact Manager for Beyond Imagination

>Leon Cruickshank
Leon Cruickshank

Director of Research ImaginationLancaster, Professor of Design and Creative Exchange

>Paul Cureton
Paul Cureton

Senior Lecturer in Design (People, Products, Places)

>Andrew Darby
Andrew Darby

Research Associate in Speculative Design

>Mayane Dore
Mayane Dore

Research Associate

>Nick Dunn
Nick Dunn

Executive Director & Professor of Urban Design

>Des Fagan
Des Fagan

Head of Architecture

>Rosendy Galabo
Rosendy Galabo

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

>Adrian Gradinar
Adrian Gradinar

Lecturer in Smart Home Futures

>David Green
David Green

Senior Research Associate

>Lydia Greenwood
Lydia Greenwood

E3 Coordinator

>Rupert Griffiths
Rupert Griffiths

Post-Doctoral Research Associate City & Urban

>Naomi Jacobs
Naomi Jacobs

Lecturer in Design Policy & Futures Thinking

>Joe Lindley
Joe Lindley

Lecturer in Workplace Futures

>Vanessa Longden
Vanessa Longden

Imagination Co-ordinator and LICA Research Administrator

>Carlos Lopez-Galviz
Carlos Lopez-Galviz

Lecturer in The Theory and Methods of Social Futures

>Matt Pilling
Matt Pilling

Lecturer in Architecture

>Serena Pollastri
Serena Pollastri

Lecturer in Urban Futures

>David Pérez
David Pérez

Lecturer in Radical Co-Design

>Daniel Richards
Daniel Richards

Lecturer in Data Prototyping and Visualisation

>Michael Stead
Michael Stead

Lecturer in Sustainable Design Futures

>Glynn Stockton
Glynn Stockton

International Lecturer in Design

>Sharon Summers
Sharon Summers

Engagement and Knowledge Exchange Manager

>Lisa Thomas
Lisa Thomas

Lecturer in Design

>Emmanuel Tsekleves
Emmanuel Tsekleves

Professor in Global Health Design Innovation, Co-Director of the Future Cities Research Institute

>Nick Tyson
Nick Tyson

Senior Lecturer in Architecture

>Chaoran Wang
Chaoran Wang

International Lecturer in Design

>Roger Whitham
Roger Whitham

Lecturer in Interaction